Services & Events

We are happy to provide you with the following services and events at (or even before) the EASR 2018 conference:


Payment options and bursaries

Payment with credit card is our primary payment option. However, participants without credit card have the possibility to pay the conference fee with PayPal. Receiving money with PayPal is expensive and will burden our budget, so please consider this option only if you don’t have a credit card.

Students as well as financially disadvantaged contributors and EASR / IAHR officials are invited to apply for the EASR bursaries and/or the conference fee reduction here.


Welcome Desk

[To be announced.]


Welcome Reception

[To be announced.]


Child Care

Stiftung KIHOB, the child care foundation of the higher education area Bern, will provide day care for participants’ children aged 4 months to 7 years. Advance notification is necessary. Please register as participant and select the option “child care” or contact by April 17.

Read the details of the child care service here.


Dietary preferences

We know about the diversity of todays dietary preferences. But to keep things simple, for the EASR lunches you can choose between “meat & everything” and “vegetarian/vegan”. The latter means that dishes will be vegan, unless declared otherwise.



At the EASR 2018 conference locations, all participants will have free access to Internet. You will find your login data on your badge.



Your welcome package will be handed out to you on our Welcome Desk. In it, you will find your Bern Ticket that allows you to freely use public transport in and around the city of Bern.



Room reservations for participants of the EASR 2018 have been made in several hotels. To see a list of hotels with rooms available at a reduced price, go to Accommodation.


Bern Tour

Our Tuesday activity includes a memorable tour through beautiful Bern. Discover the Old Town of Bern whose well-preserved medieval townscape has qualified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Or visit the Haus der Religionen, the House of Religions, a unique community of adherents of eight religions who are living, worshipping, and entering into dialogue under one roof. This tour is included in the conference fee.


2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

Don’t miss the World Cup! On Tuesday, June 19 in the afternoon and evening, we invite you to relax in an exclusive lounge and share the football fever by watching the matches on a large format screen.


Barbecue and Network Dance

Man does not live by word alone: Join our Barbecue on Tuesday evening, June 19. Savoury steaks, spareribs and sausages will be available just as vegetables on a spit, selected grill cheese and delicious salads. We will conclude the evening with music and dance.

Barbecue and Network Dance will be charged extra.


Newsletter / E-Mail Updates

Leave us your e-mail address in the form below and we will notify you about important dates and events regarding the EASR 2018 conference.