Conference Locations

The conference will take place at facilities of the University of Bern. All relevant locations are within walking distance from the train station. You will find maps showing the locations and public transport in the program booklet and here as soon as everything is scheduled and set up.

Bern, the “federal city” (capital) of Switzerland, is the fourth largest city of the country (ca. 140’000 inhabitants; 400’000 incl. urban agglomeration). The old town was declared to be part of UNESCO World Heritage as early as 1983. The University was founded in 1834 (replacing a Theological Seminary of the 16th century). Today, the Institut für Religionswissenschaft (Institute for the Science of Religion; is an integral part of the Department of Art and Cultural Sciences.

The University will provide rooms and facilities. The conference takes place at three different University sites, all of them being located in the Länggass-district – in walking distance to each other and to the main railway station. There are also two bus lines connecting the railway station and the University sites.

  • Main building of the University of Bern (Hauptgebäude)
  • Uni-S
  • UniTobler
  • vonRoll

Rooms include a large lecture hall accommodating 460 persons, one lecture hall for 232 persons, three lecture rooms for 100 persons, 7 rooms à 52, 8 rooms à 30, 8 rooms à 16.

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